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Photographing Schools, School Nurseries, Private Nurseries, Playgroups, Toddler Groups or any other type of School or Pre-School Group or Organization, Child Minders, Cadets, Clubs, etc is a very busy part of the business. It keeps Andrew and Angela both very busy during those School terms.

They have a very wide range of Backgrounds that must be seen on the Backgrounds page. Schools have a choice of background or if they wish, leave it to Andrew or Angela to make the decision. The Backgrounds have been built over the years and is one of the widest range available by School Photographers in the UK. Your parents won't get bored with that same Background year after year. Give your Parents a change. Andrew Jacobs Photography have put a lot into growing this part of the business. Its makes it a little different for them each day, taking out such a wide range of backgrounds, makes each day a little different and more interesting and they both have fun. Give Andrew or Angela a call and arrange to see many samples of their work.

The Contemporary White Background can be seen on other pages within the site eg Toddler and Babies pages.

Their customers know they both enjoy their job very much. Many of their customers have been with them since 1992 when all this first started. They wish to thank and give much gratitude to all those Schools, Nurseries and Playgroups for there wonderful support over the many years.

Andrew Jacobs Photography use a few very good School Labs from all around the country each having different ways of Presenting Proof cards and Photograph Package Collections. They all do an extremely great job but have a different way about them, which is good for the customers and for the finished product.